About KCCM Design

“Design has always been my paradise. A way that I can invite people to see the world as I do. In bold, luminous colour,”
Kate Cosgrave, KCCM Founder and Designer.

Since she was young, Kate Cosgrave has experimented with colour and patterns in various disciplines.

From her passion for fashion, to her decade long career as an interior designer, the visual mediums of art, and design have collided inspire the world of KCCM. And it’s Kate’s most exciting project yet.

Identifying a missing link in the lifestyle market for a playful take on luxury furnishings, Kate created KCCM to offer products that are affordable and fun.

But the search for the perfect print is never easy.

Having travelled to India looking to source fabrics for the first collection, Kate discovered that the pattern she was searching for was still elusive. So she set about creating her own, and hasn’t stopped since.

Each KCCM print is thoughtfully rendered to delight the retina according to a stringent design process.

Beginning with a series of black and white hand- drawn sketches, Kate takes inspiration from contemporary trends and fashion to inform her palette. As the sketch then transitions to digital, colour is applied, the pattern is refined and the print comes to life.

The striking fabrics from each collection are intended to be mixed and matched to your personal taste, allowing your style to inform how they transition into your home.

They work together, or alone, and will brighten even the most neutral interior.

Your home is your canvas.

x Kate




My Journey – How Did I Get Here?

Art and design have always been my passion. Since finishing school I followed my heart and studied Interior Architecture. After 5 years of sleepless nights, endless model making and too much caffeine, I had made it!

Whilst studying, many of my friends were moving out of home or buying their first property and coming to me for advice about how to decorate their homes. Before I knew it, I was styling homes all over Perth as a side project.

But before starting out on my own I wanted to gain as much technical experience as possible. Based in Fremantle, WA I found myself working for a boutique design firm where I learned the in’s and out’s of Retail and hospitality design. I have designed every type of store and cafe imaginable. 

On a whim, I moved to the big smoke (Sydney) to see what else was out there for me. I found myself working for Westfield designing shopping centres. It was an incredible jump in scale, especially if you compare a shoebox to a football field. 

This gave me the training I needed to be able to switch between commercial and residential design.

Sitting on the back burner was my desire to have my own business. After many late nights and a trip to India, I created KCCM Design. I’d built a website, started selling my product at markets and figured if there was enough demand in a city, surely those in remote or rural areas would be in need of an interior decorator, so I launched KCCM Interior Decorating Services. A service where I am able to teach homeowners the principles of decorating and how to use colour and pattern. Each session I always leave feeling inspired by being able to make a positive change in someone else life.

My purpose is simple, its to make the spaces you dwell in more beautiful, memorable and special. 

What Our Customers Think

I cannot express how much I adore my KCCM product.

It not only looks spectacular but is the comfiest cushion I have ever experienced. It often goes walkies in my apartment because everyone else wants it!

Kate is a design queen combining luxury with warmth and homeliness. Thanks Kate – I’ll be back to buy the full set!



Thank you for making my first experience with your KCCM such an amazing one.

Loving my beautiful new cushion! It looks and feels so luxurious and the gorgeous print has completely transformed and brightened my living room. I have had so many compliments from friends and family and can’t wait to purchase more to complete the look! Thank you Kate!!


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I’d Love to Work With You

I am a perfectionist and I always aim to exceed expectations: from designing homewares to lifestyle products, home decorating, working with overseas clients, designing retail stores and shopping centres. I listen, I innovate and use my expertise to deliver a result which is unique and true to your brief. 

I’d love to work with you to transform your vision of a dream space into something that is so unique and true to you. Whether it be a home, courtyard, office, studio or cafe. It about getting the job done to an exceptional standard within your budget.



Detail, Expertise, Results