About KCCM

“Design has always been my paradise. A way that I can invite people to see the world as I do. In bold, luminous colour,”
Kate Cosgrave, KCCM Founder and Designer.

Since she was very young, Kate Cosgrave has experimented with colour and patterns in various disciplines.

From finding pleasure in the art of getting dressed, to her decade long career as an interior architect, the visual mediums of art, fashion and architecture have collided in Kate’s eyes to inspire the world of KCCM. And it’s her most exciting project yet.

Identifying a missing link in the lifestyle market for a playful take on luxury furnishings, Kate created KCCM to offer products as wearable as they are mountable on the living room wall.

But the search for the perfect print is never easy.

Having travelled to India looking to source fabrics for the first collection, Kate discovered that the pattern she was searching for was still elusive. So she set about creating her own, and hasn’t stopped since.

Each KCCM print is thoughtfully rendered to delight the retina according to a stringent design process.

Beginning with a series of black and white hand- drawn sketches, Kate takes inspiration from contemporary trends and fashion to inform her palette. As the sketch then transitions to digital, colour is applied, the pattern is refined and the print comes to life.

The striking fabrics from each collection are intended to be mixed and matched to your personal taste, allowing your style to inform how they transition into your home.

They work together, or alone, and will brighten even the most neutral interiors.

Colour your world the KCCM way.

Your home, your canvas.

x Kate

Meet Kate




Interior Designer, Director